And so we meet again…

I know it has been a long time. I am sorry to my dear little blog! Life just got a hold of me and wouldn’t let me go! The good news is that my brain is exploding with thoughts! I am not even sure what to post first.

So we will start with this I guess.

Life. Is. Short.

Something that has been playing in my mind many times over lately. Cherish every moment as your last because it really could be over like that. Even one thing you do or someone you know could not be there.

Every thing in life is worth working for. Its worth pushing that extra mile. The push will make you sweat, cry, and want to stop. When you reach the end though. Its like a big fan is turned on you and you are given a big glass of water. You feel totally refreshed.

We just keep pushing till we can do it

I have had a lot of people push me in my life. Though this post I am gonna talk about the agility people who have pushed me.

Linda Miller. My first long term agility instructor. If it weren’t for her. I may not still be in agility. I may have given up and never had another BC. She gave me hope. She told me not to give up. Skye had issues. Major ones. She saw our potential though. She saw the glimpses of an amazing agility dog. She didn’t let me give up. I wanted too. Trust me. She always told me I handled it better than many adults she had worked with. I feel like I did… in class. Though I spent many nights crying at home thinking that night was the end. Not just of agility but my time with Skye. Every week though as long as Linda said come back I did though. I let her push us each week to try again. We are where we are because of her.

Debbie Sharp and Shelley Z. These two were our “next step”. Where Linda pushed me in the basics. They pushed me in the rest. I never felt so much like giving up in their class. We were past that. It was hard though. Now that I could focus on agility. I was an inexperienced handler with a fast and driven BC. They helped me as much as they could though. They pushed me to do the thing I was scared too… Trial. Then they stayed with me the whole time helping me with courses and how things worked. I attribute my good understanding of how shows and titles work to them. Its a big part many trainers skip over. They pushed us to understand the rules of the game.

Heather K. My crazy BC buddy. We had similar issues with our dogs and so we naturally bonded. She has been my buddy all along. We have moved along in agility in very similar ways. She has been an amazing friend through it all. Thanks for pushing me to just be a better person too!

Hillary Graff. Oh man Hillary. I would consider her one of my best friends. She may not know it till now. She helped me a lot though. She has been a huge support and help. She was there through getting Leap and big changes in my life. She never let me feel down on how we did. She was always there to help me see the good. She also gave me the great adventures and tons of laughs I needed! Plus she has like the cutest little dogs EVER!

Barb and Rosanne Demascio. These two pushed me in the skills no one else had and they made it fun! They were a huge help with little crazy Leap. I didn’t get to go to many classes but I always left them feeling like I learned something. We did much more international type stuff. Which was good considering my plans to maybe do something like that with Leap. Rosanne was totally new to me with the way she taught and trained. In a very good way. I was at a point where I needed that. I needed a new look and help. She easily gave it with an extra push too!

Jessica Crawford. I only did I think 2-3 lessons with Jess. They are still the only privates I have ever taken. I got so much out of them though. She pushed me by making me run her boy Cru. She pushed me by asking questions that I had to think about the answer. She pushed me to train harder. Go back to the basics and do it well. She pushed me to be a better ME. That was really important to me then. In a time I felt like many people wanted me to handle or be like someone else. She told me to just be me and run my dogs how I felt comfortable but also in a  way that worked!

I would thank all these people daily in person if I could. Their are tons of other people who have inspired and pushed me. They have pushed me by being critical. Have pushed me by praising me. All of it is taken as learning.

While agility has been a challenge for us lately. I know we can do it. I know we can be a better us because all these people believe in us. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have put the work in us that they did.

So this post is my dedication to them. They dedicated their time to me and thats more than I can even thank them for. I didn’t wanna waste another day without telling them and the world what they mean to me. Thank You.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan

The push. Its a long slow push. Its hard. Its Easy. Its worth it. Always.

I have tons of other thoughts to be posted here eventually. Lots of things been going on! So check back in the coming weeks 🙂


One thought on “And so we meet again…

  1. Oh Abby, how much I miss you!! This was such a fantastic post. I seriously miss our crazy adventures with you and your insane Skye-walker and Leapazoid. Please come visit soon!

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