The “Miley” Issue

The other night me and my sister sat watching “Sydney White” we started talking about all the young disney stars who have gone “crazy”. The list is sadly long…. Many of them I have “grown up with”. Amanda Bynes, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and those girls are all my age or just a wee bit older.

So last night as my facebook started buzzing about Miley Cyrus and her bad display on the MTV awards (which I didn’t watch by the way). I started thinking about it again. Trying to figure it out. Now if you don’t know what Miley did as disturbing as it is watch it on youtube. I won’t link it here but just go find it. To understand this post you have to watch it.

Now we can sit and blame a lot of people. Most blame the person them self. I however think this is not something that this person chose. Lets take a look at “Miley’s Life”
Through the years…

Starting with her first ever acting Job. The sweet and innocent guest friend on the TV show “Doc” which starred her Dad (Billy Ray Cyrus) as Clint “Doc” Cassidy who moves from a small town to NY and works in a clinic (and brings his own country ethics that don’t fit in). Here is a clip.

She obviously was very sweet and innocent (like all kids are). She also obviously was very close to her Dad.
Then came her Hannah Montana audition.

She was obviously still very close to her Dad as you will see in the following video. Along with a lot of natural talent. Though the people at disney at first told her “no” many times she kept trying.

At the direction of Disney you can obviously see her grow up GREATLY just in the course of her auditions.
Now we look at her time on Hannah Montana. She became immensely famous very fast. Though more as “Hannah” than “Miley”. Soon they were forcing Hannah to also be older.Fast forward, before we knew it they ended the show and Miley was much older. Even older than she should be. No longer that sweet country girl but moving into a stage of being even older again. Time to grow up and leave Disney.

So can Disney be blamed?

Then we hit my personal favorite “Miley Stage” – The trying to find her identity, dating good people like Nick Jonas, making good movies like “The Last Song” or “Bolt”, and making other beautiful music. We had a sweet young lady who still loved her Daddy, was GORGEOUS, and had the ability to make it very far with good direction. We got this song…

and fun interviews of a happy girl like this…

She starts dating Liam Hemsworth and their on and off again for the next 2 years. Eventually getting engaged and then, apart again. Can Liam or any of the other people she dated be blamed?

Then we see something happen. She starts becoming more and more of a “rebel”. We see her in online feuds with her dad, we start to see “no more sweet and now sexy” Miley, we see her cut her hair off into a ridiculous cut (really seriously cried at this one as she had the best hair out there!), we get crazy songs like “We Can’t Stop”.

But just before this something happens. Something I think is a big tell. Not only does she do something only some noticed – Her parents split and her family is pulled apart. She is (I’m Sure) being told to do this or be that. But what she does in this moment tells me who Miley is and what SHE wants. She called her band to her home and did something she put on youtube as “The Backyard Sessions”. Basically, she sings her favorite songs and she BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY with her voice. No one knew she had this type of talent. I will link one here but I highly highly suggest looking at the others too.

Not only are the words of these songs telling to me but the style. Heck, one song is “look what they did to my song”. She is dying to be something they will not let her be.

I’m not really sure what happened with Miley and her Dad. I don’t know if he wanted her to quit and she said no. If she wanted to quit and he wouldn’t let her. I really couldn’t say. I don’t feel its a right of me as the general public to know either. I do just feel sad that such a close relationship was broken over the fame.
So is Billy to blame?

Then we come to what happened last night. The barely dressed, teddy bear dancing, twerking, foam finger, and sexy debacle.

This was NOT Miley. Not one bit. I hope others can see that. Its sad that our world has let people tell these stars that is what they have to do to be talked about though. When was the last time we got to hear about a star for their talent and not the “crazy thing” they did. Many stars sat and watched and had “jaws dropped” watching. When funny enough many have been seen doing the very same thing on stage (in varying degrees and ways).

Now do I REALLY care what Miley does with her life? Not really. I DO care that people are being forced and pressured into doing things like this though. A person who obviously has other ideas for her “stardom” gets forced into things like this. Things that get her laughed at and makes her lose her closest family and friends. I would bet anything that Miley’s best friends mentioned in her HM audition tape she has not talked too in YEARS. I am also sure they sit there going “why Miley?” just like everyone else.

So who is to blame? The truth. Its US. We fall into the trap of talking about these things. We make these people into these people by supporting them doing it. We continue to tell people “its okay – its just for TV”. Guess what, its NOT. You think these girls are okay with what they do? I am positive (because of all the drug and such issues) these girls are just girls who have issues with themselves and are forced to do things that make it worse. Because now everyone in the world is saying things like “Look how awful Miley is”.

Demi Lovato is actually a good point to prove it. She has admitted the issues she had with herself and all the people who told her to “be someone else” only made it worse. She is doing better than ever now because she has decided to be HERSELF over anyone else. She will always struggle because of the damage that was done. Thats a very sad thing.

This happens to “every day” girls too. We need to start telling girls to be IMPERFECT because that imperfection makes them PERFECT. They don’t need to “do a pole dance” or “wear nothing” to be considered a beautiful woman. All they have to do is live and be who they are. We need to change this awful epidemic of self image and forcing others to be something that will ruin them just for our enjoyment. This is where social media is awful.

So lets change it. Lets make it better.

One thing I am doing lately for my *own* help is posting more pictures of myself online. It sounds funny but I have been a very self conscious person about pictures taken of myself (especially those “selfies”). You know what though. When even one person “likes” that picture it instantly makes you feel STUNNING! So start posting more pictures of yourself. Not perfect edited ones either. The “just out of the shower” or the “just woke up” or the “not so perfect” ones too. Because thats where true beauty shines! Someone out there finds you stunning even if you feel like no one ever would (or has). So start acting like it! You get prettier every minute YOU believe it too!

So, in closing. Be your best YOU and not your best SOMEBODY ELSE. Nor listen to those who tell you that you have to do this or this to be noticed. Note to self: Its probably not true!

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. – Confucious

I Want Crazy

 “I was crazy once, they locked me in a room. It was cold. I died. They buried me. It was cold. There were worms. Worms. Worms drive me crazy! Crazy, I was crazy once…” 

I look at the world around me and I just see craziness. Pure craziness. I watch the tv shows, tabloids, news, people walking down the street, and everything around me and just think. How did the world get so crazy? Or has it always been?

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? – Albert Einstein 

My sister is home this week and lets just say she likes a *lot* of reality/dramatic TV. It just amuses me (though I would never choose to watch it). I watch the moms on “Dance Moms” yell at each other over the fact their daughter did or didn’t get something. They complain all day but yet they STAY. Now I know this is TV and not all true. In fact most of it is put on for the cameras. I also know that stuff like this DOES happen in real life though. As crazy as it is. 

People watch in awe and realize how “un crazy” they are. When in fact we are all crazy. We all do things and say things that make us crazy. Some think I am crazy for what I do with my dogs while others think my sister is crazy for the way she acts (think dancing and singing in public places). 

Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy. – Nora Ephron

 Life is crazy too. You never know whats around the corner. Therefore, life kind of makes you crazy. Never let that crazy get out of control though. Don’t be insane. Be crazy. Be the fun not the screaming (aka don’t be a dance mom).

I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane. – Waylon Jennings

So, embrace your crazy. Make the world a better place with it though. Be joyful in your crazy.  Let others see your crazy. 

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live. – Charles Bukowski

If you made it through this post you may now return to your regularly scheduled crazy lives. I’m gonna go watch a movie (Pay it Forward) now and ponder how much crazier the world is than I can even think of…. 🙂 

I live in a crazy time. – Anne Frank