Why I won’t boycott Sochi.

 There is a lot of buzz going on about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter games. 

 From Russian laws against gays to stray dogs being killed. LOTS of people will be boycotting. 

This post is to say why I WON’T be.

 Imagine a little girl. She has always loved being on the ice. She gave up birthday parties, family get togethers, school dances, dates, friendships, vacations. All just to do what she loved. To skate. Now, finally, she has achieved her dream. She is gonna compete in the Olympics for her country. She is a USA Team Member. 

Then she finds out that half of her country will NOT support her. They will NOT watch the games because they will NOT support the host country. She is devastated. She feels like she isn’t even achieving anything great anymore. Her country is no longer cheering her on to greatness. Instead they are worried about what a host country is doing. 

Did this girl have any choice in that? Did she pick where the Olympics she was able to compete in would be? Did she just waste her whole life to go and not even be able to say “I am competing for my country and they are behind me”?. All for what? A stupid stand against Russia that won’t do anything other than maybe mark it as the “least watched games in years”? 

Its a big undertaking for a country to host the Olympics. EVERY country upsets other countries with their rules and things they do. Do those countries revolt? 

For the 6th time the Jamaican bobsled team will be making their appearance at the games. I can guarantee you… Their country is not thinking about what Russia is doing but the fact that their people worked their tales off and get to go. Even after enduring trial after trial. From no funding to when they arrived in Sochi this week having their equipment get lost on the plane. 

“We’re the most lovingest people in the world,” he said. “Every moment is positive. We always keep the guys smiling. That’s our motto.” – Jamaican Bobsled Pilot – Winston Watts – After hearing their equipment was lost. 

We can choose to be the best supporting country. We can choose to make our athletes believe in themselves. Or we can choose to sit and boycott over something that will not be changed by people not watching. Lets STAND BY our gay athletes and show them WE care and want them to compete. Lets say “Take that Russia, you can’t rule us”. Lets go and feed a stray dog and hug it and say “Russia, we love dogs!”. Lets not let Russia rule what we do. Lets lead by example. 

To quote a recent Super Bowl Champion…
“Why not us?” – Russell Wilson

I will be 100% supporting and watching the Sochi games. Not to support the host country but to support MY team from MY country! They need it more than I need to “fix” Russia. I can do that in other ways. I can’t support these people who have devoted their lives to this in any other way. I can only doing it by saying “GO USA!”. So that is what I will be doing. Will you be supporting USA? Or will you be supporting your own ideas of being able to fix it all by boycotting? 

Good Luck Team USA! Your whole country may not wanna support you because of Russian leaders. I am gonna choose to fight my battles against them later though and support you NOW! YOU deserve it more than they do! GO USA!!!