While I very much dislike having to drive in a bad snow storm. Especially when you get ice and snow drifting involved. I also dislike that I cant do things like agility outside.

However, I love a good snow day. It makes everything seem new and untouched. Everything kind of stops. For one day everyone gets to just relax. No need or ability to go out. Except to play in the fresh snowfall. I probably like snow days so much because I grew up in a place that thrived on snow days. The best fun at camp in the winter was when there was fresh snow to be explored.

There is also something amazing about trillions of tiny frozen specs coming together to make something so impactful. Can you imagine if we were all snowflakes and we came together to do something? What kind of impact could we have?

Snow is one of those crazy things that you miss when its gone but want to go away when it comes. It impacts us that greatly. It changes our ways of life. Takes away our routine. Its the beach day joy of the summer during the school year. If we choose to see it that way. We can stand and let the snow make us mad that we cant get to work or school. Or we can enjoy the fun of the snow. Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman. Maybe an igloo or a giant castle. Or you can go sledding. Take pictures. Enjoy the beauty of the snow. It won’t stay forever. Spring will come and wipe it away. It will be just a memory. We will fill our days with other outdoor activities. As it heats up outside we will be wishing for those cold snowy days again. Even if we love the heat we will be ready for a break from that too. Even Olaf got sick of winter and wanted summer. It didn’t take away his wonder of the moment he was in though.

So enjoy your snow days. Enjoy the wonder of the snow. Let it impact you. Think of how you can be like a snowflake. Think how you can change the world.