But then comes the Rainbow…

I don’t exactly know why I am posting this. I feel like all I really wanted to say was the title. I’ll try to explain a little…

For all those who are hurting. struggling. learning. growing. Suffering heartache and disaster. Those standing in the middle of the storm. Feeling like it won’t ever stop.

I want you to know. The sun is coming. It will shine bright and clear away the darkness. For even the darkness can not hide from the light.

But then comes the Rainbow. The magic moment.

A miraculous moment of understanding. You see that without all the rain and darkness. The beauty of the rainbow would not have come. Every dark moment is only preparing us and forming us to make us even brighter when the storm is past.

The rainbow is a sign of hope. A promise of the future and the knowing that we are being taken care of. A promise that never again will we go through the same thing.

12-13 The rainbow that I have put in the sky will be my sign to you and to every living creature on earth. It will remind you that I will keep this promise forever. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, and a rainbow appears in the sky, 15 I will remember my promise to you and to all other living creatures. Never again will I let floodwaters destroy all life. 16 When I see the rainbow in the sky, I will always remember the promise that I have made to every living creature. 17 The rainbow will be the sign of that solemn promise.

We will still struggle. There will still be darkness. The rain will come. The storm may feel like it is never going to leave. But the rainbow is coming. The darkness will end and you will be even stronger. You will be able to help others through their storm. Since you have been there too. Then you can stand together and admire the rainbow that comes for them too. Sometimes, you may even find someone else dealing with the same thing and your rainbows will make a stunning double rainbow. Impacting even more people. Or maybe, a beautiful sunrise. A promise of a new start.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.