Fall in Love with Life

A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. (John 10:10 The MSG)

Have you ever regretted something? Ever been quiet when you wished you said something? Ever stayed home when you wished you went out? Ever looked at nature and not appreciated it for all it is? Ever turned down an opportunity because you were scared (about the cost or the outcome)?

I know I have. More than once for all those things and so many more.

I have been challenged lately. Challenged to simply, Live Life. It seemed everywhere I turned this message was screaming at me. I’m talking practically flashing lights billboard screaming at me. Not just like a little mention here and there. I couldn’t escape the message. I even had weird thoughts like “Lets go Skydiving!” or “I should take a spontaneous trip!”.

I don’t think I will actually be skydiving anytime soon – but why can’t I do more to take some risk? What is living if your not taking some risk? Why can’t I be the person who people look at and say “Now THAT girl is living life and loving her God! I want that kind of life”.

I told some friends, I have no idea what fulfilling this looks like for me. Is it stepping out of my comfort zone? Is it simply continuing to get out more? Is it saying something when I would have been quiet? Is it finding direction for my life? I really don’t know at this point.

I have been spending a lot of time praying about it. Trying to understand what living life is. Discovering why exactly I need to live life (outside of cheep thrills and because I can). I have come down to this.

My God loves me SO much he sent his son to die so that I could have LIFE. Not just an existence. I should be living that life so fully that all you can see is God’s love and world shining through me. I have this life for a reason. To share the LOVE of Christ and to enjoy all He created and praise him for it.

So why do I insist on sitting on the sidelines? Why do I not enjoy and praise him for every thing on earth? Even the rainy days and the heartache?

There is a beautiful women of God named Lysa TerKeurst. We sometimes joke that she is secretly one of the ladies in my accountability group as she ALWAYS seems to post exactly what we were JUST talking about. Almost word for word. Anyways, Lysa says this about life:

God’s provision sustains life. Satan’s temptation drains life. – Lysa TerKeurst

The things of this world will not bring us joy or life.   God has given us a great big beautiful world to find life in. A million opportunities to praise his name. A billion chances to love (even the unlovable).

How brave are we to take it? How trusting are we to follow it?

God has given us a chance at ABUNDANT life. Both here on earth and in heaven. How are we going to choose to live it? Are we going to love life or are we going to stand by and let it go by in hopes that maybe something better will come?

What would you do if I were to tell you that the life you have now is as good as it gets?

Guess what? This is your life! Grab hold and go! You will never be this young again or in this moment again. The chance in front of you may never come again.


I said earlier I don’t know how this plays out for me. Which is true. I don’t fully know how I am going to embrace life as fully as I can. I do know these few things I am going to do to start though.

  1. Start a Garden. I need to treat my body better. I need to enjoy the natural riches of the earth. Even if I start small.
  2. Hike more. I need to get out and see. I need to enjoy nature on all kinds of days. I need to let my legs stretch.
  3. Travel. I need to take some trips. See some more things. See the beauty the Lord created for us first hand.
  4. Speak up. I need to just say how I feel. Not in a bad way. I just need to join in on life. Not sit and listen. I want to be known for a vibrant smile and a warm conversation. Even to a stranger.
  5. Go and Do. I need to get out and do the things offered to me. Not sit on a couch. I need to enjoy local restaurants and shops. I need to be thankful for all I can do so easily in my own town.

So here is to a life well lived. A life I can look back on and say “I served you well Lord, I lived the life you wanted for me!”.