When I see you again…

you can tell me all about it.

  As I said these words to my almost 3 year old niece tonight who tomorrow gets to travel to Slovenia (Yes! Slovenia!) with her parents for 10 days. I realized something. We need to say those words more. We need to ask and hear about the people around us. The things they do or even don’t do. The trips they go on or the work they do. Every time we say goodbye/see you later we should be adding, I look forward to hearing all about it the next time I see you! 

But her story isn’t finished yet, and for once she’s picked up a pen. – Kelsey Sutton

 Because one day, that person won’t be there to tell you all about it. Next week is 6 months since we lost my Grandmom. I would give anything to be able to ask her all about her day. To find out what trip she just went on with her chorale or what friends she got to see. To see the new teacup she just brought home. Someday, I will be able to ask her this question again though. I will get to ask her it in the most beautiful way. I will get to ask her about how great heaven has been as she waited for us! She will be able to tell me all about the greatness of our God and how truly great his love is. She will be able to tell me about the greatest choir she has ever been in. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 

 And sometimes, we may think we will never get to ask again. Then, that person comes back and you can hear one of the best stories. I think I have mentioned my boingy boingy haired girl in my life. A few months ago we thought we said goodbye for a very long time. We wanted to hear everyday how she was. We longed to hear about her life. Yet, it never came. Then, after 8 long months. We got the best reunion. We got to hug her and hear about her life. Yes, it also involved a lot of tears and still will have many more to come. We got to ask that beautiful question though – tell me about it. And we will ask it a million times more as we all need it. 

So say it. Ask the question. Go deeper than the surface. Hear the story. Tell the story. Tell us all about it when you return to us. These things make up your life story. They say the more times you say something out loud you will remember it longer. So tell those stories about the life you are living.

I can tell you I am waiting anxiously already to hear about the pop tarts she will eat, the hotel she will sleep in, and the airport she will see from my niece and she hasn’t even left yet. 

I want people to be the authors of their own life story – Michael Gove