Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Definition: after this, therefore because of this

My news feed is constantly filled with questions of why and anger lately. Its filled with woman marching and LGBTQ’s in fear and people being unsatisfied with all they have.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Many people are assuming that because Trump is now President. That people are now going to be allowed or are suddenly going crazy and being hateful.

The problem is. The “because of this” is not the act of Trump being President. The “because of this” is that we let a nation get so bad that we had a majority who agreed he was good enough to do the job. We have a nation completely blinded by fame and power and money and selfishness. Even human life has no meaning to us. Both “sides” have fallen victim to this. I see every belief system and cause fighter acting this way in some way.

Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices – Ecclesiastes  7:29

So Trump being in office does not suddenly cause the issue. Its actually the fact that we have let us slip so far that people find actions like beating people up, stealing, cheating, and lying are okay. Even on a small level. Small levels lead to big levels very fast. What was okay in smaller form must be okay in bigger too right? Who will stop me? No one can, because I control myself.

People, any people, don’t crumble in a day. We don’t go from treating people fairly to electing a man like Donald Trump over night. Donald Trump is just another victim of our culture just like the next man.

Lets look at this: Donald Trump has been in REALITY TV for how many years? 20 some? Now think about what WE as a NATION have done to HIM in that time. We waited each week to tune into the kicks we got from him being rude to his employees on TV. We made this okay by saying he was “helping” them to be better. We praised him for being a billionaire and star. We loved how stupid he acted in front of a camera and the lies he told to get ahead. We made him a god. Face it… hardly anyone hated Trump before he got in the political race. He was considered “cool”. He was reality TV. He seemed fake so it was fine. When all that time you were creating a man who thought he was god in terms of what he could get away with. Because it was just TV right?

Guess what. Reality TV is not fake. Its real people we are affecting. You want to know how this happened? It happened when we created TV. It happened when we started working for entertainment and not love. When we took what was meant for entertainment and made it reality.

We as humans can not take in all this on TV, social media, news, music, etc and just go on as normal being unaffected.

Even the news isn’t news anymore. Its another source for entertainment and back stabbing. We made it into who can get it out fastest, real or not, and who can we hurt with this. Not simple facts made to relay information.

We are the worlds most gullible nation. Donald Trump just recognized that and did what WE trained him to do. He set his sights on something and didn’t let anyone tell him no. No matter the cost to others.

I know this next part may not be popular opinion but…

Your marching does nothing. We are past marching. Storming cities and destroying innocent peoples lives and jobs does nothing for your cause. It just makes you look selfish. You are picking the easy way. You are saying “I am strong and perfect and you can’t touch me” but you are doing nothing to prove it.

Want to create real change?

Go mentor a kid who needs help. Work at your local shelters (human and animal!). Lobby for a place in your local government. Help out with after school programs. Feed the hungry. Help the homeless. Love the widowed. Trust God to care for all your needs. Only those things will change what we have done to ourselves.

Any march ever done did not change the problem. Someone doing something that started and/or ended it did. Sure, it shows you support the cause. We are past support though. We are in desperate life or death stage. We are past let me hug you while you get over a cold. We are in full on all hands on deck medical emergency. Our life as a nation depends on it.

So get busy. Make real change. Fight issues not with nasty post’s and debates online. Fight with all your power, strength, and wisdom. Fight for what you believe but don’t belittle others in the process.

They that approve a private opinion, call it opinion; but they that dislike it, heresy; and yet heresy signifies no more than private opinion. – Thomas Hobbes

I cry almost every day lately over my own family members fighting over STUPID things. There is nothing in this world more important than loving the people around you (as God loves YOU!). Disagreements or not.  So don’t let what we have done to ourselves… kill us for good.

We need people. We need love. We are so far gone I daily see posts of people being beaten, children being abandoned, animals abused, and hate being spread. Everyone shares it on their social media blaming this or that for it… but who is really doing anything? Who is stepping up to say this is wrong? Who is finding that place to make a real difference. Not many that I see. Everyone is hiding behind their computer and phone screens hoping someone else will solve their problem. Writing off anyone who disagrees with them because anyone beyond themselves matters nothing.

Someone I know taught me a perfect lesson a few weeks ago. He threw two gold fish down on a table with a perfectly good bowl of water sitting right by it. Then walked away. Want to guess how long it took someone to save them? Want to guess how many stood up? We all shrieked. We all waited for someone else to save the poor fish who were laying there dying. No one wanting to be the ones to pick them up because then we would have to touch them. We had to go out of our way and sacrifice our self for them. We didn’t have time to keep thinking about what might or might not happen or who would save them. They were dying. Out of about 20 people and 30-60 seconds… two stood up (who I admire greatly and would have expected no less that they be the ones to take action first) and saved those fish. Another 30 seconds and those fish had no memory of what happened and were swimming happily because someone stepped up to save them.

Now imagine that fish is a person. A person without God. A person struggling to survive. A person who is filled with hate and the things of this world. Will you let them die? Will you let our nation die like that? This nation is made up of people. We the people. The people are dying in more ways than one. We are so focused on self, we have forgot the whole.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc.

I’m calling bull on America. We aren’t having issue because of one event. We are having issue because of a whole long list of complacent selfish acts. By everyone.

We have problems. No doubt. Lets fix it. Not by ways of selfish acts but of acts of love bringing all glory to our Creator and spreading His love for us all. Even in times of trouble. He holds our lives in His hand and truly works for the good of those who love Him.

They did what your power and will decided beforehand should happen. – Acts 4:28




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