Thankfully, Single for the Holidays

This time of year our social media news feeds are filled with lots of fun things. Family gatherings, engagements, happy couples, growing families, and so many more happy events. So many holidays bringing families and friends together. 

But to the single person… it can get a little depressing. You can feel like you are never going to have some of those things. You can look at your family pictures from your gatherings and think “why am I the only person alone?”. Doesn’t matter that there are tons of people around you who love you… sometimes you can just feel alone. I know. I have been there. So many times in recent years. 

This doesn’t mean you AREN’T loved by people. It doesn’t mean you ARE alone. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever have things others do. It just means it isn’t your time. 

And trust me… I know exactly how hard that is. 

This is also the season of cheesy Hallmark movies. Full admission here: I am slightly addicted to them. I can watch them all day long. It doesn’t matter to me if I know the entire story because its just like the last. Or that the things that happen don’t *actually* happen usually. I just love the idea of people being so happy its corny. I love seeing the love stories blossom.. and struggle… and (assumedly because I don’t see past it) a happy ending. 

All that can make it even harder to focus on thankfulness in my time as a single person though. I can sit and day dream and hope for the day all those things are true for me. I can be upset that I am “alone”. 

Or I can choose to be happy. I can meet new people. I can be involved in a lot of different things. I can enjoy the time I can spend with my family when I have that time to focus on them. I can be thankful, for being single. 

I pray daily that God will give me the man and life of my dreams. But, I also pray that God would do His will in my life in HIS time. Those two plans may not line up for all I know. I hope they do, and I believe if I am trusting in Him as my number one. He will give all those things to me. 

And while I wait… I can be thankful. I can be happy. I can be JOYFUL. Because ultimately, He gave me a beautiful life. I get up each morning and live. What could be better than life itself from a Savior who loves me unconditionally?