Blank Pages

Sometimes these posts start with divine inspiration. Sometimes they start with things that have been on my mind. Sometimes, like today, it starts with blank pages.

Many days lately my life feels like a blank page.

Blank pages are great because they are a empty page. They are a open canvas to whatever you want it to be. No mistakes, no direction, no anything but a solid color laying before you. Ready for whatever you want to make it.

Blank pages are also terrifying though.

What if you don’t know what to write? What if it comes out wrong? What if others don’t understand it? What if you don’t understand it? What if it ends after one page? What if you fail? What if it never gets done? What if….

The what ifs are never ending. We can always find reason to never start the blank page. To put down that first word, or color, or note. We can make up why it won’t turn out. Why its not worth starting.

What if we did start though? What if we just started putting words on the page? What if we let others see it?

Sure, it may fail. It may be a jumbled work of words or colors. It will be from you though. It will always be a part of your story.

Some pages of our lives turn out dark. Some pages are covered in beautiful colors. Some pages are nonsense. Some pages are the most detailed. Some pages are surface things. Some pages are in-depth and real. Still other pages are, you guessed it… blank.

Right now, my life is blank pages. I am deciding what words and colors and notes will paint the next pages of my life’s book. Its hard to live through blank pages. It feels like they will never end.

Here is to starting to put colors brighter than the sun and words stronger than my fears on my pages. They may not come out pretty. They may not come out permanent. They may only last a couple pages.

But what if they last a entire series? What if that one starting stroke was all I needed for a beautiful story?